Brooklyn, NY
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Objective: A challenging position for a software engineer, architect or team leader, that requires leadership, ability to innovate, work with others, change direction quickly and understand the business.
  • 9+ years project leadership experience.
  • 14+ years application development experience.
  • Strong analytical and communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze, design, and develop applications to meet business requirements.
  • Hands on approach to architecting and developing object oriented software applications.
  • MS in Computer Science from New York University with 4.0 GPA.
Languages: Java, C++, Perl, Python, SQL, XML, HTML, JavaScript (AJAX), C, Lisp, Scheme.
DBMS: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
OS: Unix, Windows.
Certified: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Part I (310-051), 10/7/2002
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform (1.1) (310-022), 09/26/1998
02/03-01/05 Morgan Stanley, New York, NY.
Software engineer (consultant.)
  • Participate in development of distributed, service oriented infrastructure software, utilized for data processing, analysis and reporting throughout the Investment Management division.
  • Develop new core infrastructure components and services.
  • Provide support to teammates regarding the components and services developed by me.
  • Conduct performance analysis of new and existing code. Identify performance bottlenecks and design and implement high performance solutions.
  • Maintain, debug and update existing core infrastructure components as well as specific services.
  • Utilize Perl, Java 1.4, SOAP and XML technologies in distributed environment on Linux and Solaris. Work with Informix and Sybase.
02/02-10/02 1MCS Corporation, New York, NY.
Project leader, architect, founder.
  • Lead a development team implementing distributed system for Foreign Exchange Currency Trading with multiple Java and Web browser clients. The application is designed to be deployed across different organizations as well as in ASP style.
  • Work with experts to create business requirements document. Work on technical evaluation and analysis. Write architecture proposals. Determine J2EE strategy. Utilize UML.
  • Conduct performance analysis. Identify bottlenecks. Propose and implement solutions.
  • Implement critical parts of the system. Hand code and tune critical code for performance.
  • Conduct design and knowledge sharing sessions, code and documentation reviews. Mentor team members.
  • Implement server side architecture for capturing, processing and distributing real time market data.
  • Utilize Java 1.3, Java Servlets, JSP, XML, EJB 2.0 technologies under clustered Weblogic 7.0 environment on Linux and Solaris. Work with Oracle 8i on Solaris.
02/01-01/02 Morgan Stanley, New York, NY.
Software engineer, (consultant.)
  • Participate in creation of a "cutting edge CRM system that no other vendor even dreamed of offering, delivered an operational system that will enable the client to change the basis on which institutional securities relationships will be judged. The client has nominated our work for a Smithsonian Computerworld award, and we have already advanced beyond the first round of screening." (Quotation from an executive's email.)
  • Participated in technical evaluation and analysis. Wrote technical and architecture proposals. Utilized UML.
  • Architected major parts of system's infrastructure. Made design decisions that affect scalability, maintainability and performance of the system.
  • Proposed, designed and implemented caching infrastructure that dramatically improved throughput and response time.
  • Performed load tests and performance analysis. Identified performance problems, proposed and implemented solutions.
  • Utilized JDK 1.3, Java Servlet, JSP, XML, SOAP, JDBC, under WebSphere environment on NT and Solaris. Sybase on Solaris. VisialAge 3.5, JBuilder and Continuus on NT.
05/98-02/01 Positive Software Corp, Brooklyn, NY.
Project leader, architect, cofounder.
  • Participate in evaluation and analysis of prospective client's needs. Write technical specifications and proposals.
  • Lead design and development of advanced secure E-Commerce solutions. Including dynamic shopping card and online store building tool. Created framework for real time online payment processing, including CyberCash, and Verisign/Signio integration.
  • Design and develop parts of a Java template framework, which allows complete separation of UI from implementation.
  • Lead design and development of a completely automated advanced web-hosting enterprise management system with real-time payment processing, accounting, recurrent billing and complete customer self-care web interface.
    The system is based on Java technology and ANSI SQL. Utilized Oracle 8.0 and freemarker template library.
  • Work with advanced features of Java 1.2, Java Servlets, JDBC, SQL, Perl, HTML, XML, JavaScript, OOP and OOD.
01/97-04/98 BEAM technologies, Ithaca, NY.
Software engineer.
  • Participated in design and development of distributed multi-platform collaborative environment for engineering analysis. Utilized C++ and Java, JDBC, JSDK, VRvawe.
  • Handled code transfer from Java 1.02 to Java 1.1
  • Designed and implemented drag-and-drop engine, different client server networking protocols.
09/96-01/97 AT&T Network Application Development, Holmdel, NJ.
Software engineer, (consultant.)
  • Participated in development of AT&T WWW Personal Telephone Assistant service. Utilized Perl, CGI, HTML.
  • Responsible for developing a test plan for AT&T Microbilling Internet billing service.
  • Performed initial, stress, thread and other kinds of tests.
06/96-09/96 AT&T Submarine Systems, Inc., Holmdel, NJ.
Software engineer.
  • Developed parts of automated manufacturing test sets used to certify the operation of the undersea repeater prior shipment (C and HP-UX).
  • Performed reliability and validation testing of the software. Debugged old code. Solved software and hardware problems.
05/93-08/95 Eurotransit LLC, Lviv, Ukraine.
Software engineer, analyst.
  • Design, develop and maintain in production an accounting and asset tracking system.
  • Work with business expert in order to define requirements and specifications for the system.
  • Write code for the system in C++ and Clarion for Windows (4GL).
  • Create and update reports for the business users.
  • Maintain and administer systems installations.
  • Utilize Clarion For Windows and C++ under mixed Xenix and Windows 3.11 environment.
School projects: Distributed parallel indexing utility (C, LAM, MPI). Professor W. Korfhage.
Online Registration Database (Java, mSQL, HTML). Professor S. Hummel
Distributed Data Mining Algorithm (C, LAM, MPI). Professor J. Wein.
Document categorization (C++). Professor J. Wein.
Implementation of NURBS for POVRay (C). Professor D. Chudnovskiy.
M.S. in Computer Science, New York University, New York, NY
4.0 GPA, Matthew Smosna prize for highest academic achevement, 2006.
B.S. in Computer Science, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY
4.0 major GPA, 3.72 GPA

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